Panovolo 1.5.0 released with new panorama editing features

Halifax, NS, Canada — PanoVolo, the cutting-edge drone panorama image stitching software, has just released its major update, version 1.5.0, now available for both Windows and macOS users.

The highlight of this release is the complete revamp of the Review page, introducing a set of powerful new features:

Panorama Central Point Selection: Particularly useful for fully spherical, 360-degree panoramas, users can now select a central point around which the panorama can be re-oriented, whether horizontally or vertically.

Manual Image Alignment Correction: Users can manually adjust the yaw, pitch, and roll of each individual image in the panorama. This feature empowers users to easily rectify stitching errors and enhance the quality of their panoramas.

Additional bug fixes and new features in this release:

  • Fixed the loss of contrast problem in fully spherical panoramas, especially on macOS
  • Fixed stitching panoramas without drone metadata in the images
  • Improved accuracy of the image exposure matching
  • Improved accuracy of horizon straightening
  • Improvements to the panorama preview rendering on the Review page
  • Grid overlay on the Review page
  • Image key point display on the Review page
  • Show panorama field of view in degrees in addition to pixels
  • Improved stitching performance, especially for fully spherical panoramas

For more information and to explore these new features, please visit the PanoVolo website.

About PanoVolo

PanoVolo is dedicated to advancing the world of drone panorama imaging with innovative software solutions. The latest 1.5.0 release underscores their commitment to providing users with powerful tools for creating stunning drone panoramas.

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