Panovolo 1.6.0 released with interactive photo sphere viewer

Halifax, NS, Canada — PanoVolo, a leader in drone panorama image stitching software, has released version 1.6.0, now available for Windows and macOS users.

Photo sphere viewer: This update introduces a built-in, interactive photo sphere viewer that allows users to view fully spherical, 360-degree panoramas with interactive rotation and zoom controls immediately after stitching.

Improved zoom controls: Version 1.6.0 also enhances image zoom controls in Panorama, Review, and 3D Map modes and improves touch screen interactions.

Zoom lens support: This release includes preliminary support for stitching spherical panoramas from zoom (70 mm) drone cameras, such as those used in Air 3 and Mavic 3 Pro drones (137 and 106 images per panorama).

Other updates include:

  • New interactive photo sphere viewer for panoramas (View/3D sphere), available when the stitched panoramas are fully spherical (360×180 deg)
  • Added the ability to stitch panoramas from zoom (70mm) drone cameras. Note that the final panorama width is limited to 32000 pixels
  • Improved estimation of the camera focal length, improved accuracy of panorama stitching for some drones
  • New zoom control slider for Panorama, Review and 3D Map views
  • Improved rotation interactions for 3D Map, improved 3D Map interaction on touch screens
  • Improved pinch zoom on touch screens for Panorama, Review and 3D Map views
  • Added mouse wheel and two finger touch pad gesture zoom for Panorama, Review and 3D Map views
  • Indicate that review is not available during batch run
  • Adjustments to the central point and yaw pitch and roll of individual images in review are automatically saved to .pan files
  • Automatic loading of .pan file for panorama, if it exists in a panorama directory
  • Warn user if the panorama stitching or saving operation is still in progress on exit
  • Add an indicator to the title bar (*) if the panorama has been modified but not yet saved
  • Added full screen mode on Windows (View/Full screen). Full screen mode was already available on macOS
  • Improvements to the startup speed
  • Improvements to the exposure matching accuracy
  • Check that the image in the panorama folder is already a panorama and skip if it is
  • Fixed the issue with nadir image flipping to zenith image in some panoramas recorded with older drones
  • Added the ability to convert from trial to full license while trial license is still active

For more information and to explore these new features, please visit the PanoVolo website.

About PanoVolo

PanoVolo is committed to advancing drone panorama imaging with innovative software solutions. This update is available as a free upgrade for all existing users on macOS and Windows.

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